SiteGPT Make AI your expert customer support agent

  • – 💬 **Personalized Chatbot:**
    – Build a custom chatbot trained on your own content.
    – Echo your brand’s voice and personality.
  •  🚀 **Quick Prompts:**
    – Help users start conversations with frequently asked questions or desired queries.
  •  📧 **Email Summaries:**
    – Stay updated with daily email summaries of chatbot interactions.
    – Track performance and gain insights into user behavior.
  •  🔄 **Escalate to Human:**
    – Seamlessly transition conversations to a live agent when needed.
    – Ensures users receive the best assistance.
  •  📊 **Collect Leads:**
    – Capture interested visitors’ details for potential leads.
  •  ⚙️ **Functions:**
    – Turn natural language commands into in-app actions.
    – Automate tasks through chat interactions.
  •  🛠️ **Supercharge Your Chatbot:**
    – Direct integrations with popular tools like Crisp, Intercom, and Zendesk.
  •  📊 **Live Demo:**
    – Experience SiteGPT in action with a live demo.
  •  🗣️ **Customer Testimonials:**
    – Feedback from satisfied users and companies.
  •  🌐 **FAQs:**
    – Detailed answers to common queries about training, support, pricing, and more.
1. Try it for Free

Yes, All paid plans come with a 7-day free trial and you can cancel anytime. at SiteSpeakAI 

2. Expert Installation

 We offer expert installation as an additional service.

3. Relax

Simply relax; we’ve handled all the tough tasks for you.

Do it Yourself ?

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