SiteSpeakAI Cut your customer support costs significantly by automating with AI. Introduce a bespoke GPT-powered chatbot tailored to your business, capable of providing real-time responses to queries about your products and services, thereby minimizing your volume of support tickets.

  • – 💬 SiteSpeakAI offers a chatbot builder to automate customer support with AI.
  • – 💡 Custom-trained chatbots can handle queries about products and services in real-time, reducing support tickets.
  • – 💰 Potential savings of $564 and 33 hours monthly based on average resolution rates.
  • – 🛠️ The chatbot is customizable to match your brand’s style and can integrate with various platforms and tools.
  • – 📊 Detailed analytics help in improving lead conversion rates by identifying gaps in knowledge base.
  • – 👥 Trusted by numerous companies for automating customer support functions.
  • – 🤖 AI chatbots can be trained on various content sources like knowledge bases, support docs, videos, etc.
  • – 📈 Positive feedback from customers highlighting ease of use and effectiveness in improving customer service.
  • – 💻 Different pricing tiers available catering to various business sizes and needs.
  • – 🎉 New features include multiple AI chatbots, custom GPT assistants, and enhanced integrations for higher-tier plans.
1. Try it for Free

Yes, All paid plans come with a 7-day free trial and you can cancel anytime. at SiteSpeakAI 

2. Expert Installation

 We offer expert installation as an additional service.

3. Relax

Simply relax; we’ve handled all the tough tasks for you.


Do it Yourself ?

Interested in installing it on your own? Absolutely no issue! We’ve got you covered there too: Start by acquiring the product at SiteSpeakAI,

then proceed with our step-by-step tutorial :

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